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Ever wonder how much money you're losing because of your employee's health issues? Find out on average how much our clients were losing in productivity because of workplace injuries.

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Lost Productivity

Disrupting the barriers of healthcare by changing the way companies view their employees health and creating amazing customized health benefits.


About Us

Welcome, from the Align & Co. Team. We are happy to have you here and would love to teach you about what we do and why we care. Align & Co. is an international company serving clients around the world. We currently serve clients in twenty-five states and major markets around the world. At Align & Co. we are proud of our company culture, built on four core values: enthusiasm, honor, community and learning. Click below to learn more about why we serve! 


The Downfall to Traditional Wellness Programs

Although there are a lot of companies out there creating wellness products - no one is scaling chiropractic and bringing a holistic approach to companies like we are. With the data we are collecting to create a compelling platform to show healthcare trends and areas of high risk we are laying the foundation for accountability and proximate leadership needed to make effective health care decisions. See a few reasons why generic corporate wellness programs don't work below. At Align & Co. we focus on gaining you and your leaders buy-in, provide specific content supporting the importance of wellness, AlignIQ numbers reflecting the ultimate value and ensure we can offer the most accessible care through our AlignWell program. 


 The AlignWell approach to health and wellness gives employees the motivation and tools to reach and sustain their health and wellness goals, while simultaneously providing businesses with a customized & comprehensive corporate wellness program that encourages a culture of healthy, productive and well-balanced employees. 


Step One: Assess

We provide a free consultation and your employees answer our questionnaires for us to formulate a thorough and specific wellness audit.

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Step Two: Diagnose

We will further diagnose your employees with the specific issues they are currently facing.

Step Three: Report

Together with you, we collaborate to design, implement and manage solutions tailored to meet the needs of your workforce. We will set measurable goals to be assessed during re-evaluations. We take pride in our top of the line software and close human interactions to drive this presentation home.

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Step Four: Implement

AlignWell will further roll out our software technology and in-person solutions tailored to the needs and constraints of your employees, your business and your culture.

Step Five: Re-Evaluate

We will create measurable goals for you and your employees and continue to re-evaluate and analyze the new data ensuring recorded metrics have met your satisfaction.